The Right Resistance

It’s all about resistance, isn’t it?

Life is often a choice between the path of least resistance and upping the resistance. Too little resistance and you spin pointlessly, never gaining any strength; too much and you get hurt and feel unable to try that hard again.

The hardest part of riding/spinning/life is finding the right balance, and getting to know ourselves well enough to know when to push and when to hold back.

There are so many times I have let myself give up on a hard climb, on a long day, on an exposed descent, telling myself I need to reserve something for later, only to return home with regrets.

There are as many times I have pushed too hard and have ended up hurt. I have stood in front of my bike, injured, no longer trusting it but instead fearing the pain it can bring when I allow myself to be free.

Other times I have walked the fine line between the two, a tightrope between fear and love, yearning so badly to feel the wind in my face, the sun on my back, the birds singing in my ears as I race down mountains while at the same time I quiver at the thought of the possible crash, the skidding, the slow motion halt of motion as skin and bone collides with ground or gravel or asphalt.

The only solution for this is following something stronger than stats and plans and rational design..instinct.

Following our hearts is just as hard on a bike as it is in life, trusting ourselves that we can be stronger than we feel, taking on challenges we never thought possible, the things we have grown to tell ourselves we will never be able to accomplish, and in the end reaching pinnacles we never before have experienced. But we also must acknowledge the side of our hearts that tell us there are some things we will not be capable of on this day, that we can only give so much as we grow, that we are not quite that strong or fearless yet, or maybe we will never be no matter what we do. The question every time you begin to ride is how far you desire to go and how much strength you are willing to expend to reach that goal? The biggest gift you can give yourself is the freedom to decide when the resistance is too much, and whether it is worth it to push through and risk being hurt, and accepting the outcome whether you reach the finish line or turn back. And most importantly, in life as well as on the bike, the key is always to enjoy the ride.


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