Wrapping It Up

I know I spent a lot of time covering the first 4 days of my hut trip, so it’s funny that I can sum up the last 3 in one post, but sometimes that’s the way it goes.

The more we rode and as days passed by, they stopped distinguishing from each other and began to be one cohesive experience. When we finally arrived in Moab, it was a shock to my body to not get back on my bike the next morning.

All the struggle and adjustments of he beginning faded away and became routine. We worked as a team from dawn to dusk, coordinated coffee and breakfast and lunch preparation, knew almost instinctively what needed to be done to leave the hut. On the road, we had our own rhythms, and each of us had acknowledged our need for music along the way, and we each spent most of the climbs in with one earbud in, allowing the beat of the music to set the cadence of our ascent.

The arrival to our hut was equally set, the evaluation of the pantries, dinner planning, a beer or wine at the picnic table watching the sun set…

It made me begin to look at life a little differently, to bemoan the fact that these experiences, in nature on a bike unplugged from the fast paced day to day world, were few and far between. A week away from the normal routine when our bodies and minds both cry out for this solitude and freedom on a daily basis. When I was finally back in cell range, and able to sync strava, upload photos, and of course, gear Haileys voice, it was almost overwhelming. By the end of the night I was in sensory overload. I tossed and turned all night, and awoke readyto return home, while a part of me wanted to get back on my bike and continue my journey, to not stop until I ran out of roads and trails.

The trip was one I will do again and again and probably never have the same experience twice, and I can’t express the level of gratitude I feel that this is something I have available to me in my life.

As I said when I began, it’s funny to say so little about so much. I can continue to describe the climbs, the descent from forest to desert back to forest and back to walls of red rock canyons, but there was a point where it all faded into one long, almost surreal journey. And I know that what I saw and felt will never be matched by a written description, mich like a photo of a sunset always falls short of what you see in your eye. So I will sum up my trip by sharing my pictures, and hope you can see by my smile that I got to experience something so amazing and unique, and I hope it motivates you to find an adventure of your own that brings you that amount of joy.



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