On Tour…

Multi day touring takes a some adjustments. You have to mentally shift from riding as something you fit in around work and family and life to riding being your day’s work. To make things a bit more challenging, my tour began so close to home that the first 2-3 days made me feel slightly like a kid camping out in her backyard; I was craving the moment when we truly began to feel as if we were in the wild.

It was slightly disconcerting to have our route take us so close to home that I could have descended into town for a taco lunch. But as we crossed the highway and started up towards Horsefly Mesa, I began to get into the flow of touring, adjusted to the idea of essentially “quantity over quality”, making forward progress on a journey versus riding just to ride.

Lone windmill on Horsefly Mesa

Initially we had planned to arrive at the hut for a late lunch, and then hop on some single track trails. But as we arrived at the Spring Creek hut, we all agreed that we were exhausted and starving, and opted for some mac & cheese and a game of horseshoes.

The Spring Creek Hut was the first place that I began to feel like we were truly on a trip, away from everything. All cell service ceased to exist, we couldn’t see anything around us but oak brush and aspens. It was that evening, enjoying chicken curry and canned wine (so stoked to see every cabin stocked with Infinite Monkey Theorem rose!), when I realized we truly were on an adventure, that we had taken on a serious challenge and it was a pretty amazing feeling!

Curry and Rosé in the sunset of Spring Creek Hut

I had promised myself  I would use the week away from distractions to contemplate life, my future (both work and personal), and to make begin to find a direction to take. Up until this point, I hadn’t been able to focus and begin the thought process to lead me to any real decisions. But that night, as I lay awake with nothing but the sound of crickets in my ear, as the moon lightly lit up the hut, I began to really think. With no phones or traffic to deter me, I spent a good chunk of the night awake, truly weighing out all that sat heavy on my mind. And I awoke the next morning a little sleep deprived, but with more clarity of mind than I’d experienced in years.



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