Don’t Call It A Comeback…

Well, it’s been quite a few months now since my last post, and I guess there is no good excuse other than not having enough hours in the day. I last left off during my spring training for my first mountain bike race, “12 Hours of Mesa Verde”.In a nutshell, the race was amazing, the experience was epic and I had the luck of being on a team with 2 girls who rock! And then immediately following the race, life kicked in…work, dance recitals, school events, summer planning, and we were off to the races!

Me with my awesome teammates Kristin & Kelly at 12 Hours of Mesa Verde

Since “12 Hours”, I rode my first century ride, the Denver Century Ride, directly following a week on the road working with Primal Wear on Ride The Rockies. Doing a century ride has been on my “bike-it list” since last summer and I was super stoked to have the opportunity, even though I felt pretty unprepared. I lucked out and the strength from my spring training pushed me through the 100 grueling miles, and I was happy to find that beyond the physical, I had the mental fortitude to weather almost 8 hours in the saddle in sweltering heat.  I also had the additional push of receiving a message inviting me to take an open spot on a 7 day hut to hut mountain bike trip from Telluride to Moab, so suddenly 100 miles on a road bike seemed a little less daunting.

Which leads me to today, as I settle back in after my 7 days, 243 miles 24,000+ feet of elevation gain, with zero electricity and zero showers…..and this is where I will begin to make my come back to the world of writing about riding..please stay tuned for the adventures!

My amazing Primal Wear team!

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