As some of you may have seen, a number of my posts are titled/inspired by song titles/lyrics, and today is no exception. After 2 days in a row of mountain biking, I returned home sore, elated, and as always, feeling as if I could have done more. This evening, I enjoyed a delicious glass of Italian red and recapped my weekend with a friend. I started talking about my favorite band, Tiger Army and its lead singer Nick 13, and how I love his voice and style and lyrics, so as I arrived home and prepared dinner, I turned on Nick 13 radio on my iPhone and “Someday” came on. And tonight, the lyrics perfectly fit my feeling about my weekend of riding.

Failure’s my friend but I keep on tryin’. It’s bittersweet there’s no denyin’.
So I walk these old roads anyway. The banner tattooed on my arm says….Someday
There is some truth to the chorus, that failure is all of our friends, that we experience so much failure to reach a moment of perfection. In order to grow, to build skills, we must become familiar with failure. It will guide us, like an old friend, through our struggle and angst, and meet us on the other side because we will never grow too old to need it.
So many people spend their lives avoiding failure, only to miss out on glory. Like good and evil, light and dark, cannot exist without each other. And in the moment of success, for me the moment I complete a strong climb or a first time ascent, a clean run over a technical course, in that moment, all the failures that led me to that moment become worth it.
So on days like today, when I had so many gains and found so many new hurdles to cross, I remind myself….”Someday”.

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