What a Difference a Year Makes

What a difference a year makes.One year ago from tomorrow, I took my first road bike ride. And as allof you know, it was love at first ride.

12 months later, I know own that road bike (Zelda), as well as a cross bike (O-Ren Ishii) and of course, my Trek Lush 29’er, Bettie (finally, a name, right?)…and you know that cycling has become my passion.

When I began last August, the local climbs like Dallas Divide and Log Hill seemed ever beyond my reach. I couldn’t imagine having the strength to ascend them. Now they have become my regular rides, and I feel stronger each time I ride them. I rode the piccolo route on George Hincapie’s Gran Fondo in South Carolina, raced a season of cross, started mountain biking and have found an amazing group of new friends through it, and even rode a day of Ride The Rockies through Colorado National Monument. Most recently, as you know from Gravel, I even took on some gravel road riding. It’s been a momentous year, to say the least.

A year felt like a big deal, and worthy of a new challenge. The opportunity arrived in the form of an invite from Primal Wear/Feedback Sports/Mad Greens to join their team for Tour De Cure, a fundraiser for American Diabetes Association. With 30 days to prepare, I accepted the invite, registered for the metric century (100 km, 65 miles), began to train and began to harass all my friends, family and business email contacts for donations.

Now the day is almost here. Tomorrow I will rise at the unholy hour of 5 am and start my adventure! It will be my longest ride to date by about 15-20 miles. I look to it with equal parts excitement and trepidation.

Thanks to those in my life who have supported me this past year, who have encouraged me and guided me and helped me to grow as a cyclist and as a person. Thanks to those who showed their continued support of me by donating to the ride. For those who would still like to, please do today, there is still time and it goes to a very worthy cause. You can donate by clicking here

Most of all, I look forward to years ahead of me, of seeing where this will take me next, what more this can bring to my life. A year ago today, I never would have imagined this is where i would be, and I couldn’t be happier about it. You can see what a difference a year has made in my life.


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