You haven’t seen Colorado till you’ve seen it on a bike….trust me!

I know everyone thinks their state is the best…or hopefully people at least love where they live. But when it comes to absolute beauty, pristine wilderness, stunning mountains, clear lakes, blue skies and sunshine, Colorado is unbeatable.

I have lived in Colorado all of my life, but until recently never knew what I was missing. Seeing Colorado on a bike is the only way to have the time to truly see what Colorado has to offer. The hidden aspen stands, the marmot sunning on a rock, Indian paintbrush and lupine blooming on the hillside….

I am spending this week working on the 109 West bike tour, an especially exciting week for me as I designed this year’s route. I am loving seeing the cyclists faces as they ascend Independence Pass and take in the summit of Dallas Divide and the crystalline Blue Mesa Reservoir.

Colorado is my home, my love, and I doubt I will ever leave it. I am so happy to share this place with people who share my love of biking. While it is hard to be in a car or at an aid station while I want to be joining these riders on the roads of my favorite state, I am taking a great amount of joy in bringing a love for Colorado into the hearts of people from all over the  country, It is times like this I truly love what I do.


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