What’s In a (Nick) Name

So I am a very amateur cross racer, who won her series, somewhat by default. A few races, I was the only woman in my category racing, in one race, I was the only woman at all.

I stepped up to the start line, keeping to the back where the women usually line up, only to discover that there were no other women to be found. As I scanned around looking for any latecomers, the announcer also noted there was only one woman lined up. And amid the cycling shop jerseys and local sponsor kits, my lavender jersey with “Hincapie” emblazoned across the front, prompted the announcement, “Ladies and gentlemen, looks like we have Mrs. Hincapie joining us today.”

All eyes turned to me, and I got ready to race on my newly purchased bike (recently name, O-Ren Ishii, as I explained in “What’s In A Name“),  fully aware that everyone was watching the solo girl in the road gear attempt to race cross. Every time I crossed the line to begin a new lap, the announcer called out “Mrs. Hincapie’s” progress, and by the end of the race, the name was there for good.

For the next 3 races, as I continued to sport my Hincapie gear (only riding gear I own, big fan of the brand and they are partners with my company Alpine Cycle Connection), every lap was marked with a shout out from the announcer to Mrs. Hincapie.

So when it was announced this week that Hincapie Sports would be taking applications for brand ambassadors, it seemed like a no-brainer. I love their product, huge fan of their team, I participate in their ride, let’s make it official.

So this is my official bid for ambassadorship for Hincapie Sports. Wish me luck! I would love to have a fresh set of apparel for when “Mrs. Hincapie”.

steps back into line up this spring.


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