In another post, Fear Itself, I talk about my compulsive need for my life to be set to music. I have headphones in now, as I am writing this. I blast music in my kitchen every morning as I meticulously brew my coffee. And I NEED music when I ride. Over time, I have pinpointed a few songs I find particularly helpful or fun for different parts of a ride, and am happy to share them with you. This layout of songs is based on my ride to Dallas Divide, so a warm up followed by some higher speed flats, then a gradual ascent, followed by a steep ascent, and then WHEE! all the way down

“I Found Away” by Alkaline Trio (Any song that starts with the line “Stumbling through the dark with a broken heart” and builds to a good old school punk beat is a win-win for me)

“1901” by Phoenix (Fun beat, perfect for spinning those legs out at a decent cadence to get ready to ride)

“Houdina RAC MIX” by Foster the People (getting faster, almost ready to push and begin a sprint)

“The Slowest Drink at the Saddest Bar on the Snowiest Day in the Greatest City” by The Lawrence Arms (Fast paced beat with a fun chorus that I love singing under my breath as I’m flying on the flats)

“Banquet” by Bloc Party (Steady and quick, feet should be dancing as you settle into a cadence)

“Tonight” by Boombox (Slowing down a bit as climbs begin, still a nice beat in the background, and the mellow vibe is good to help keep breathing in line)

“Sweater Weather” by The Neighbourhood (Just a bit slower, and kind of fun to sing along with the silly lyrics as the climb steepens slightly)

“Wildfire feat. Little Dragon” by SBTRKT (I find Little Dragon’s voice to be a good distraction as I feel the beginning burn in my legs and lungs, especially if there’s a headwind)

“Dust Bowl Dance” by Mumford and Sons (I burned out on this band a while ago, but this gradually building and slightly haunting song is great when you start to grind up a hill)

“Off To The Races” by Lana Del Rey (Love her voice, and this slowly building song helps motivate up a hill like nothing else, and as the song builds, its a great time to get out of the saddle and really push through the switchbacks)

“This is Gospel” by Panic! At The Disco (there is something light and motivating about this, and the background chorus singing “this is the beat of my heart” fits well by the top of the climb)

“Cosby Sweater” by Hilltop Hoods (this Aussie hip hop duo never fails to make me smile, and really could sub in Nosebleed Section or Dumb Enough in this spot, all the lyrics are comical and Aussie accents in general are one of my favorite things, perfect for beginning to descend)

“Diet Mountain Dew” by Lana Del Rey (Yes, more from her, gotta love descending at 40+ mph to the phrase “you’re no good for me, but I want you”)

“Sofi Needs a Ladder” by Deadmau5 (Great build and the beat is perfect as you get lower on descent and begin to pedal into the speed)

“Valerie feat. Amy Winehouse” by Mark Ronson (This fun retro sounding song is upbeat and perfect as you get to the bottom of the descent and begin to spin at a good speed along the flats and rollers)

“Handwritten” by Gaslight Anthem (Singing about the perfect song for a moment, and it automatically becomes the perfect song as your ride as it begins to come to a close)

“Shake Me Down” by Cage The Elephant (Perfect for the end of the ride, as you hit final hill and descend into town)

So that’s one of my many lists, I mix it up quite often, depending on my mood and goal for the day. Thanks to my wonderful dad, I have a trainer in the mail, and will be putting together dome fun indoor spin lists in the months to come. Hope you enjoy!


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