Meant To Be

Meant to be…a phrase we hear all too often. In life, in love, in cycling. We define ourselves daily, and allow others to define us as well.

I am guilty of this as well. In my last post, Poetry In Motion,  I said “I will never be a climber”, which a friend quickly declared as false, citing the post itself as evidence to the contrary. My first thought was I should have clarified it by saying “I will never be a strong climber”, but then I thought again. Why do I think that? I have been riding for less than 6 months. How do I know what my future capabilities are? So far, I have grown as a rider quickly and exceeded all goals I had for myself. What was making me decide this quickly in what I could not do?

When I hear my daughter say she can’t do something, or isn’t a certain type of person, I always call her on it. I remind her we can be anything we put our minds to, that the only limits we have are the ones we give ourselves. So why am I limiting what I can become as a cyclist? Because I have allowed others to tell me what I am, and what I won’t ever be.

I won’t argue against the fact that people have predispositions to certain things, that our genetics do partially define our abilities, our strengths and our weaknesses. But day in and day out, we see people overcoming their natural forces. becoming something greater than ever expected, because they continued to put forth the effort even when it seemed impossible. The older I get, the less I believe there are many definites in life. And in this coming year I plan to challenge both my idea of what I am capable of as well as others, and hope to become a better cyclist in every way, whether I seem to be that type or not.

Will I be great? Will I be the best? Maybe not. But if I tell myself what I am not I will never know what I could be.




One thought on “Meant To Be

  1. I have struggled with this too, everyone (including myself) told me that I could never bike through the winter. I believed this and was about to buy a car but then I said to myself, “You love biking, you hate driving, isn’t this winter biking thing worth a try?” Man, I am sooo glad that I didn’t let my fears get in the way, winter biking has been amazing so far.

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